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Andy Z
producer, vocalist, musician

Andy's personal musical journey started in elementary school when he discovered the piano and the saxophone. However, when he discovered the guitar at age 12, it quickly became his instrument of choice above all others. He then received formal training at San Francisco State University in the classical,  jazz, pop and world music programs, and earned a Bachelor Of Arts degree with coursework in audio production. 

In the Nineties, he explored the SF Bay Area club scene primarily as a solo singer/songwriter and founding member of the alternative band Tinman. For the last 13 years, Andy has been making his living as a multiple award-winning family music artist, combining his passion for music with his love of storytelling, character voices and performance.

Steven Payne
producer, musician

Steven is the founder and co-owner of Clubhouse Studios. With over 15 years in audio production, he brings a wealth of experience to his role as lead audio engineer and producer for Clubhouse Studios projects. Steven is also an accomplished musician and theater technician.   

Peter Gothold 
engineer, vocalist, musician

Peter has been playing music his whole life, and professionally since age 13. He has played guitar and drums for 20 years, and studied Percussion at the University of the Pacific. He has been working with Clubhouse Studios in many roles, including studio musician, engineer, and mixer, since 2012. Peter loves music, his family, and Star Wars. And food. Definitely food. 

Karla Kane

Karla Kane is the lead singer, ukulele player, and songwriter in pop band The Corner Laughers ( She also performs with kindie artist Alison Faith Levy. She's an award-winning writer and has worked as a preschool teacher.

She lives in Redwood City with her husband, daughter, cats, and chinchillas.

Alison Bailey Streich

An Oakland (CA) native, Alison loves playing her violin, especially with Andy Z!  Alison can most often be found playing swanky string band music with her band "The Rusty String Express." In addition to performing, she teaches band and orchestra for Oakland Public Schools and is the founding director of the innovative youth ensemble "Oakland Spirit Orchestra."

Kristen Geller

Kristen is an actress and singer, heavily involved in the Community Theater circuit in her home area of San Rafael in Marin County, California. She is also a member of Andy Z's  performance group, the Andyland Band, which is how Andy knew that she'd be the perfect voice for the songs she contributed supporting vocals to on "Classic Songs & Traditional Tunes"

Steve Eulberg

Steve uses the vibrations of wood and string, in original and traditional songs tunes, dancing on strings, echoing the drones vibrating in our core. He weaves together Celtic, Old-time, blues and jazz to create “smile-inducing, toe-tapping, thought-provoking folkgrass” experiences that re-weave the tattered fringes of life into strands of hope.

Anna Saccheri

Anna was pregnant with her third child when she played accordion on this album. Not surprisingly, the baby loves the accordion and falls asleep to Beer Barrel Polka every night.